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Runescape Name Release Begins 13th March

Sometimes, it's just time for a change, and actual anon the absolute befalling will appear to brace your RuneScape identity.

13th March, we'll be absolution the appearance names of abeyant accounts. If there's a name that you've had your eye on for some time, this could be your adventitious to affirmation it as your own 4rsgold!

We'll be absolution a letter a day, starting with the letter A. Numbers will be appear calm on one day.

When anniversary name absolution happens, it'll be appear on amusing media channels – chase us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the RuneScape forums, and accumulate an eye out for your letter!

To affirmation a name, you have to be a RuneScape member, and can do so in-game via the Summary tab of the Hero interface, or by logging into the Account area of the website and award the Change Appearance Name tab. We acclaim alteration your name in-game whenever possible.

If you've afflicted your name recently, don't overlook that you can abolish the time absolute with a Bond 4rsgold.

Please note, for this name absolution we will not be publishing a account of names that will be released.

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