This week's update introduces


This week's update introduces High Risk PKing worlds, the Stronghold Slayer Cave and another batch of Slayer Rewards.

Worlds 337 (PvP) & 365 are now High Risk worlds. While on these worlds you can NOT activate the Protect Item prayer. You will receive a warning before logging into PvP & High Risk worlds.

The Stronghold Slayer Cave is a vast network of tunnels recently discovered beneath the Gnome Stronghold. Nieve guards this cave and will only allow you to fight monsters assigned to you by a Slayer Master. The Slayer Ring has a new teleport option to the entrance of the cave.

Another batch of Slayer Rewards sees eight more features added to the slayer points store; you can now unlock larger amounts of Ankou, Suqah, Spiritual Mages, Black & Metal Dragons and Abyssal, Greater & Black Demons. These can be turned off at any time but will not refund your points.

The Leaf-bladed Sword is now available as a drop from Kurask & Turoth, requiring 50 Attack and 55 Slayer to wield.

In other news...

  • The Armadyl crossbow no longer uses special attack energy when you have no ammo equipped.
  • The Armadyl helmet's model has been improved slightly for female characters.
  • Toggling Auto Retaliate no longer disrupts movement.
  • A portion of the dock on Entrana is no longer sinking.
  • You can now destroy Explorer's Notes.
  • Emerald Benedict will no longer disappear under certain conditions.
  • Routefinding at Jatizso bank has been significantly improved.
  • Routefinding at Yanille bank has been improved.
  • The Steam Battlestaff now properly checks for runes in your inventory.
  • The Compare users feature on the hiscores is now functioning correctly.

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