This Week In RuneScape 12/10/20


We're letting off some Steam this week and clearly, so are the Ninja Team - 'cause there's been another Ninja Strike! Get clued into that in the Game News tab. Elsewhere, we've got pop art, a nice pile of Patch Notes to sort through and another player-run community event for you to enjoy.

This week's update is all about Clue Scrolls! We've also got a reminder about RuneScape on Steam, some exciting freebies and some great news about Interface Scaling. So, grab your magnifying glass, and let's take a look!

RuneScape on Steam

Wishlists at the ready, folks. You'll be able to play RuneScape via Steam this Wednesday, October 14th. Exciting stuff!

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving experienced players a special goody bag! If you've completed the Burthorpe Path and got yourself a total level of 100 or more, simply log in on any platform between October 14th and November 14th to claim the Steam Valve, filled with all sorts of surprises to mark this historic moment - including a Commemorative Steam Valve of your very own!

You can find our shiny Steam page right here. Add RuneScape to your Wishlist and you'll be among the first to know when we go live. See you there, adventurers!

Ninja Strike 12: Clue Scrolls

This week the Ninjas have donned their deerstalker hats, teamed up with Mod Daze and set to work on one of RuneScape's greatest mysteries - Clue Scrolls!


Firstly, the Ninjas have dug up five new titles for intrepid treasure hunters to enjoy. You can unlock them for yourself by obtaining various drops from each tier of the Treasure Trails Collection Log - and there are even a few hidden gold titles for those super-sleuths who go above and beyond. Big thanks to Mod Daze for this one!

Against all odds, somebody has already earned the hard tier collection title! Congratulations, John Skynyrd!

Dorgesh-Kaan Spheres

Friends of the cave goblins will be plenty familiar with these funny little inventions, although they might not be so impressed with the way they drop you off in random bits of Dorgesh-Kaan. Well, this week the Ninjas paid a visit to Oldak and straightened out a few kinks in the blueprints - so from now on they'll be a lot more reliable.

You're now be able to choose where you teleport to in Dorgesh-Kaan instead of having your destination chosen randomly. Much better!


The monks in Entrana have recently been embroiled in a mighty philosophical quandary. According to their ancient laws, Summoning familiars are classed as deadly weapons, and that includes... meerkats.

Yes, those squeaky lil' fellas have been banned from Entrana's shores since their introduction to the game, but thanks to the Ninja Team's intervention, they are now allowed on the island to sniff out clues to their hearts' content, along with all other Summoning familiars, pouches, and other paraphernalia. No word yet on how many innocent monks have been mauled to death in the process.

Shop Rewards

Ah, here we go! Zaida's Treasure Trail Reward Shop has just received a cache of new and exciting goodies. These include the Clue Capacity Upgrade, which will let you hold 50 clues of each tier instead of 25. You can also unlock the Way of the Foot Shaped Key, a leg-end-ary technique used by the Ninjas to open drawers and chests without a key. Now, for just 500 Treasure Trail points, you too can learn this ancient art!

Action Bars

Here's a little surprise for you all! From October 26th, we'll be making the four additional Action Bars previously purchasable through Solomon's General Store free, forever, for both RuneScape members and free to play players!

We've seen how helpful it is to have a wide variety of preset Action Bars available, and we hope providing this expanded range of customisation for free will be a simple but effective quality of life boost that's now available to everyone.

This is also just a small part of our ongoing commitment to examine our premium offerings in RuneScape across the board to make sure we're providing great value in the right places. The full changeover is going to take a little while to implement, so we wanted to give you a heads up as soon as possible on this impending change.

Please note that the Action Bars will remain available in Solomon's General Store until the changeover on October 26th.

Interface Scaling

As part of our goals of improving the accessibility and readability of RuneScape, we’ve been building on the existing interface work you heard about earlier to make even more improvements!

First up is in-game UI scaling, which will increase the usability of interfaces throughout the game to suit your setup. In the future, based on your feedback from the Beta, we also are looking to update this feature to scale the UI downwards too!

Additionally, we’ve also added the option to boost or reduce the games’ render scale. Lowering it will reduce visual quality to improve performance and raising it will do the opposite.

Prime Gaming

It's your last chance to claim your Prime Gaming reward from last month. In case you've forgotten, that's a whole seven days of free membership you're missing out on!

This also means that tomorrow, on October 13th, there'll be an exciting new reward up for grabs. This time, you can get a Currency Pack and 2 Umbral Chests, each with a super-rare or better prize inside!