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Today's update brings 12 new pieces of silver jewellery. These new trinkets are ripe for the crafting right now, each with a handy effect.

This was a personal project Mods Harrison, Wolf and Dolan - with help Mods Timbo and Moltare - who ran with a community suggestion to fill out a gap in RuneScape's gear and skill progression. Thanks gents!

Read on to find out more, and don't forget to chase those last few requirements for Sliske's Endgame – coming next week!

Silver Jewellery


RuneScape membership

Crafting levels up to 45

Magic levels up to 49

The new jewellery is made by setting opal, jade and red topaz into silver jewellery pieces. They can then be enchanted with the Lvl1-3 Enchant spells for the following effects:


Ring of metamorphosis: Chance for double XP when catching butterflies barehanded. 10 charges.

Headhunter's Sacrifice (bracelet): Chance for on-assignment Slayer kills to count as double, for no additional XP. 25 charges.

Featherfingered Necklace: Chance to take no damage and avoid stun when caught thieving. 10 charges.

Amulet of Bountiful Harvest: Chance to conserve seeds when planting in an allotment. 10 charges.


Ring of Respawn: Teleports to unlocked respawn points. 5 charges.

Flamtaer Bracelet: Instantly builds a single temple wall in Shades of Mort'ton. 2 charges.

Traveller's Necklace: Teleports to the Wizards' Tower, the outpost north of Ardougne, or south of Eagle's Eyrie. 5 charges.

Botanist's Amulet: Chance to create higher-dosage potions. 5 charges.

Red Topaz

Columbarium Ring: Increased chance to receive the Sunspear effect when killing Vyrewatch. A charge will always be expended per kill, whether or not the effect occurs. 50 charges.

Headhunter's Thrill (bracelet): Chance for Slayer kills to not reduce the assignment count, but still award experience. 25 charges

Necklace of Gluttony: Food eaten gives +100 life points. 20 charges.

Enlightened Amulet: Teleports to the Nexus, the Desert Bandit Camp, or south of the Graveyard of Shadows. 5 charges.

Sliske's Endgame Draws Near

The cataclysmic battle of Gielinor's great and mighty is almost at its epic conclusion. Sliske's Endgame hits next week, and there's still time to progress towards those quest requirements if you're not quite there.

Sliske's Endgame – Quest Requirements

Children of Mah, Nomad's Elegy, Kindred Spirits, Hero's Welcome, One of a Kind and Death of Chivalry

Your choices throughout RuneScape's body of quests will be acknowledged, enriching your experience like never before. Sliske's Endgame is the most personalised quest we've ever released, so why not pass the time until release by taking in any quests you've still to do?

Even if you've yet to experience Sliske's storyline, there's never been a better time to start. Head north-east of Varrock and talk to Brother Samwell to start Missing, Presumed Death, and soak in the Sixth Age's definitive story.


Have a great week, 'Scapers! See you in the Shadow Realm.

The RuneScape Team

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Read the patch notes for further details of today's update.

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