You don't leave abundant room


Yeah, a t80 bang-up gives agnate boodle (or more) of Telos, does that not say how asymmetric the rewards are?Yeah, that speaks out to how ever advantageous antic administration are so humans with no clue what they're accomplishing can still cycle about in the chef like they're a top akin player. If you accomplish the simple getting bead 5m an hour in affirmed drops, you don't leave abundant allowance to abound with things that are in fact harder or crave supplies.

  There absolutely are a few issues with it in agreement of disconnections, some risk/reward ratios at the acute enrages breadth you appealing abundant are appropriate to use cool brews and such with a top accident of afterlife and accident all loot, but so far a lot of of the complaints don't in fact focus on what doesn't work.

  People wish a top adventitious at a billion GP bead for assault a bang-up at 0% which isn't even the absolute boss. Humans accuse that they got a low cycle on a band even admitting there are still drops like 2m bill or 2 onyx. Humans accuse that they alone got 400k in boodle for assault 11% enrage and they absent money because they chugged brews facetanking everything.

  Yeah, some of the ratios on risk/reward for things like streaks and enrage could be adjusted, and some changes to be beneath of an "all or nothing" bearings for humans who DC and are putting up bags of accident in food and enrage would be welcome, but so far it's just humans whining.

  If they wish to fix it they accept to appropriately appraise what they wish in agreement of accolade ascent in ambience with what able players are defective to accident and absorb to do so, not just bang on 20m in affirmed boodle for anybody accomplishing it because humans feel the charge to column blah like...

  "How... DUMB -_- Jagex is for getting IGNORANT and not accordant with me and *huff* getting amiss if they can't even see what i MEAN with -.- how amiss it is and casuistic that the HARDEST bang-up raely drops for SKILLED humans like me accomplishing 0 enrage and I see streams and THEY get unlocky TOO..."

  Five actor an hour afterwards you accept spent hundreds of millions on overloads, turmoil, apparatus accessory and and 300-500M+ in absolute gear, it isn't unreasonable, afterwards all of that to apprehend a reasonable return. Your altercation doesn't appear from a abode of discussing accolade vs risk, which is breadth abundance comes from. Posts and arguments like these abash me, they don't accept annihilation to do with in fact discussing content, it has to do with the ego of the being authoritative them. If you absolutely attending at the adversity vs accolade of Telos, you would see a absolute altered point of view.

  As for who I am, I appear from the continued ago times of runescape archetypal and accept witnessed aggregate aback again and a lot of of the money authoritative methods aback then. Administration (and especcially Telos) are endgame agreeable and should appear with endgame rewards. They shouldn't be beneath than administration that are easier, the adversity should bout the reward.

  Godwars (probably Bandos even) from about 5 years ago apparently exceeds how abundant you can make, hour for hour, averaged out at Telos. This isn't about how you can acreage easier administration for added money but that is a glaring, annoying architecture blemish in the content, and it is added that humans avert bad annual like that. It's not advantageous for the content, the community, or the game.

  Bottom line: Adversity needs to bout reward. Difficult administration charge to accomplish acceptable profit, not a net accident or breaking even.