Runescape Sliske's Endgame Frostworld Part 2


Sliske's Endgame | Frostworld Part 2

It is time. The skies darken, and Sliske's Endgame is finally here. Who will survive the epic final battle, and who will claim the ultimate prize? There's only one way to find out.

When you're not feeling your way through the Shadow Realm, there's more Christmas mystery unfurling in Part 2 of Frostworld – the latest holiday quest.


How to Start

Speak to Relomia in Draynor Village


RuneScape Membership

Children of Mah, Nomad's Elegy, Kindred Spirits, Hero's Welcome, One of a Kind, Death of Chivalry

You are invited to the battle to end all battles - the final clash between those on Sliske's Scoreboard. Set in a shadowy labyrinth, with the devious Mahjarrat himself pulling the strings, anything could happen.

But one thing is for certain - your actions will have a direct effect on the outcome, and will be reflected in future content. Choose wisely!


Sliske's Endgame is a true Grandmaster quest, with the highest requirements of any released so far. There'll be some appropriately epic rewards:

A hefty chunk of XP.

A ring that boosts your gathering stats.

A necklace that stops your familiar draining summoning points over time. Points are still used when summoning a pouch.

Three off-hand items with different effects. These can be combined into a single item. Their effects are:

Chance to stop your runecrafting pouch degrading. This stacks with the effect of Rune Ethereal outfits.

Resets box, tortle, imp, bird traps and marasamaw plants on failure to trap prey.

Allows the harvesting of shadow herbs dead patches, which can be cleaned for Herblore XP.


Even if you don't meet the requirements, there's never been a better time to start the Sliske questline. Kick off with Missing, Presumed Death, just north-east of Varrock, and get ready for a jaunt into Gielinor's darkest shadows.

Already started? One click on the Adventures interface will show you you've got to, and the next step you need to take.


There's something fishy with the past Christmas content playable in this year's holiday event, and it's down to you to find out what.

Get to the bottom of this Yuletide mystery, find out who's trying to ruin Christmas, and build a new friendship as one of the quest's rewards. Look out for some post-quest skilling activities, too.


The next RuneScape game update hits on the 9th of January 2017. Until then, have a great holiday. We'll see you in the new year!

The RuneScape Team

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We're having a Christmas quiz this week, as well as an exclusive developer's commentary playthrough of Sliske's Endgame. Read on to find out more!

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Tuesday, December 20th | 19:00 Game Time | Sliske's Endgame playthrough (SPOILERS!)

It's the epic climax of this year's questline. Will Sliske be victorious? Who will survive Sliske's deadly challenge?

Mods Shauny and Raven will be playing through the entire quest for your viewing pleasure, providing commentary on how it was made.

If you're interested in game design or just want to see the culmination of Sliske's games, then make sure you tune in 7pm!

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