RuneScape Gold the 2nd Golden Gnome Video Awards Coming with Surprise


Everyone who know RuneScape Gold you must know RS Gold, yeah the RS Gold is the gold of RuneScape game, and the second golden gnome video awards coming, you can take part in the activity.


Last year you’ll understand that we awarded Golden Gnomes for the finest rsmv and stories in machinima, animation and real life video. This year we're taking a lot more classic approach for the awards with our concentrate positioned squarely on the expertise that go into creating a great film, whether that film can be a music video, an animation, machinima or perhaps a documentary.


The categories we've chosen guarantee that this year’s awards are much more versatile, accessible and really give RuneScape's film makers the freedom to show off their distinctive creativity and humour. Prior to web search more at what that signifies to you, here are this year's categories:


* Very best Voice Acting

* Finest Use of Effects

* Finest Use of Sound

* Very best Story Telling

* Funniest Video

* Best Video All round


Using the selected categories, you have complete freedom to produce the top RuneScape video you can. Maybe animation is your bag or maybe you reside and breathe machinima, you might want to tell a fictional story or you might choose to tell a true tale having a documentary. Whatever film you need to make, provided that it really is RuneScape, you'll be able to enter it into the Golden Gnomes.


The Golden Gnome Video Awards will probably be unveiled in front with the RuneFest 2011 audience in London this October. Even though the winners are announced at RuneFest you don't need to attend RuneFest to enter the competition. The Golden Gnomes are open to everyone.


We'll reveal full Golden Gnome Video Awards details which includes news on judging, guidelines and prizes on launch day with the beginning of July.


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