RuneScape 3's UI changes will be welcomed in any MMO


  Jagex just keeps surprising me with its flagship title, RuneScape. Almost every time I sit down to get some time in the world of Gielinor, I find something new. This time around, I want to talk about how the newest version of the game brings not only a fantastic world event and tweaks to all sorts of systems but offers options to the UI that are surprising and wonderfully innovative. The first thing I thought when I played around with the new UI options was, "Wow, why isn't this happening in more MMOs?"

  Another thought occurred to me as I slid, snapped and joined parts of my UI: This feels suspiciously like a tablet-friendly change. Jagex has mentioned the possibility of a tablet version of RuneScape, thanks to the new HTML5 client (which is still in beta), so could this new UI be the first of many steps to playing on our portable computers?

  I'll wait and see what happens with that, but in the meanwhile I wanted to show you the most impressive parts of the UI redesign.

  If you click on the small help section in your RuneScape hotbar, you'll find several different sections that will introduce you to the changes in this new version. Most RuneScape fans have likely already played around with the recent changes to combat, but if you'd like to take the new combat tutorial, you can simply click a button from the help menu and it will send you to the location needed. I'd recommend the tutorial to anyone who has been away for a while. It might seem pretty familiar to anyone who has played other standard, client-based MMOs, but the new hotbars and swappable abilities in RuneScape are something 'Scapers have never seen until now.

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