How to Make Millions of RS Gold


How do you make millions of RS Gold? RS Gold is the money for every player, how to make rs gold easy and fast are important to them! Here is the RS Gold making guide about how to make Millions of rs gold!

Remember, all good things require effort. If I were you, I would pick a method that I enjoyed doing. My two favorite are Woodcutting and Fishing. In Fishing, you have a lot of friendly people that you can have a great time with. Woodcutting is not as friendly, but it is still fun.

Easy cash can be gotten if you have about 50,000 gold already. Head over to Falador and buy all the lobsters at the price of 150 GP. Buy as many as you can, then go to the Varrok West Bank and sell these for max price. Although I have never tried this method, as it sounds a tad boring, people swear it works. They also say to buy a lot of silk from the silk trader in Al Kharid. Then, take the silk to Varrock and sell it in Varrock.

People like to buy Bow Strings as well, so you might want to pick a bunch of flax and then spin the flax into Bow Strings. You can get about 100 Gold for each Bow String. Of course, this is a Pay to Play Member's method only. Although this can take awhile to make a lot of money doing, as most methods, if you just work hard you will succeed.

One of my personal favorites is fishing. I would not recommend cooking your fish, as most of the buyers will buy them raw. I suggest this for Pay to Play as well, because you can fish in Catherby and bank in Catherby. There is no back and fourth from Falador to Karamja.

If you are going to wood cut, the main tree to chop is Yew. Anything before Yew is not a very good money maker; Willows are OK, but nothing big. Anything after Yew is excellent money. There is a GREAT difference in the money. Remember, though, that it is also a great difference in the time spent chopping, especially after the first few levels.

Most Runescape Tips are not really tips, but rather common knowledge that is repeated over and over. This is useless when you are actually searching for ways to make millions, gain levels, get items, and so on. As I said, I have read many articles, talked to many people, and the like. A lot of what I "learned" was basic information, but with it I could build my own hybrid of methods.

Anyone can make their own methods, but it is making the methods work that is hard. Is there a best way of making Runescape millions? I do not believe so, but rather the best for that person. If you do not like the way you are making money, then you will get bored, take more breaks, then eventually stop all together.

Set small goals to reach your one big goal. Do things to keep your mission exiting. The worse thing that can happen is to become bored. Once you become bored, it will be harder and harder to achieve that goal, and the harder it gets, the more you will want to quit. So yes, taking breaks is a good thing in this matter. Perhaps you could reward yourself every now and then.

That's the rs gold guide on how to make millions of rs gold! Following the advice, you will become rich and own a lot of RS Gold!