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Clan Chat Restrictions

Today at 1pm GMT we'll be releasing a hotfix that will restrict non-member accounts with less than 150 total level from joining Clan Chats. We actually added this in with last Thursday's game update, though we left the feature disabled until today so we could launch the change alongside RuneScape's game update. If we didn't do this, players could simply log into RuneScape to bypass the filter.

More recently, both in RuneScape and Old School, we've seen more and more cases of people making brand-new accounts to join the same Clan Chats they've been kicked from. These new accounts are made with the intention of spamming, advertisements and harassment. As you can imagine, this causes quite the problem for both the Clan Chat admins as they try to clear out these accounts when they come up, and the members of that Clan Chat trying to enjoy a friendly conversation.

The total level limit is currently applied by us and can only be changed by us. This does mean that it will take effect on all Clan Chats from now and you cannot remove the restriction, but it is flexible, so should we need to increase or decrease the limit, we can do so based on your feedback.

We are aware that the ideal solution would be to give Clan Chat owners more freedom in these choices, such as allowing them to set their own restrictions, but that is currently not possible. Whilst this is a short-term measure set out to address this issue, we hope this will help those of you that have experienced this type of behaviour in the past until further improvements are made.

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