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Bonus Boosters

Bonus Boosters are back, enhancing your Treasure Hunter fun in more ways than ever.

00:00 UTC on 6th September until 23:59 UTC on 11th September, enjoy six effects – three last time, three new - activated via buttons on the interface.

You can activate these once each, after which a cooldown period is applied. You can only have one booster active at a time.

Bonus BoosterWhat does it do?Uses per activation
Lucky Purple BoosterEnsures that your next prize is the purple category.1
Multiplier BoosterRandomly boost the number of prizes you receive, up to 5x.5
Extrasensory BoosterLook inside the displayed chests for rarity before you choose.5
Smouldering Booster (new)Any lamps and stars that you receive become smouldering lamps.5
Deep Freeze Booster (new)Allows an additional five categories to be frozen with Hearts of Ice.5
Upgrade Booster (new)Upgrades the rarity of any prizes received by one tier.5

Note that this booster can also grant access to a number of older, discontinued items:

Lucky dragon full helmLucky dragon chainbodyLucky dragon platebody
Lucky spectral spirit shieldLucky arcane spirit shieldLucky elysian spirit shield
Lucky divine spirit shieldLucky Bandos bootsLucky abyssal whip
Lucky dragon clawsLucky dragon 2h sword


Have fun, and let us know what you think of the new boosters.

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