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Beta | Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity 2 now

Let's keep this short and sweet, the highly anticipated Bank Placeholders and new Weapon Diversity Beta beta is here!


To give us feedback feel free to post on our dedicated Bank Placeholders and Weapon Diversity forums!

Or, if you so wish join our Discord server and join the #beta-bank and #beta-weapon channels!

Now... what are you waiting for? Go go!

Content of the beta

Want a quick look at all the content we've pushed in this beta? Have a look at the video at the top of this post!


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  • cat

    Excellent service :)

  • 2babear

    Fire Cape Service Was Completed Happy With Result

  • AnothaOne

    Excellent service always

  • Random Rag

    Love the Service

  • JustSayJay

    Recommended by a friend. No regrets.

  • Delusional

    Quick and easy.

  • Tr Komser

    Great service safe and fast, I recommend, probably the best site I've used

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