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The Death of Chivalry quest in RuneScape 3

  Already three weeks old, the latest and greatest upgraded iteration of RuneScape is ready to take its first quest steps; today, RuneScape Gold 3 launches its first quest in the New 6th Age. The Death of Chivalry stars Sir Owen, a hero who will join players on a mission to recover a powerful artifact for the mighty god Saradomin from the bowels of the notorious Black Knight Castle.

  Players of all levels can participate in this quest; the difficulty level scales to match the player's level. Rewards for completion include a full cosmetic armor override set, plenty of Prayer and Combat XP, and much more.

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    Good quality exchange was very kind

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    Bought gold and after great help by Peter, it got delivered fast and easy

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    Amazing service, Thx

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    Very good, had voice communication so outstanding Would use this service in the future.

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    Very great service, polite an quick operators, quick and easy delivery

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    Delivery was pretty quick but it took 10 minutes, tops.

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    Service was fast and awnsered my needs

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