What's Runescape Party Hats or Phats


What's Runescape Party Hats or Phats? Runescape Party Hats and Runescape Party Phats are very important for our player. How to use them. You need to buy Cheap RS Gold first. Here is the details.

Runescape party hats, often referred to as Runescape phats, were introduced into the game in Christmas of 2001. These Runescape party hats were not actually dropped in Runescape themselves rather they were introduced through the form of Runescape party crackers.

These party crackers were dropped in Runescape for free and players were able to pick them up and then use them on other players. Then just like with normal party crackers inside there was an item accompanied by a party hat. One player would get the item, which was random, while the other player would get the party hat.

Now at the time obtaining the item that the party cracker contained was normally far more valuable but within a matter of weeks these Runescape party hats became exceedingly valuable as people realized that there was obviously a limited number of them available.

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