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SGS | Summer Sale & Jester Pack

The summer sales are back at Solomon’s General Store, with items discounted throughout the month of June. Check below for this weeks new bargains!

He’s also adding three new playing-card outfits to his wares, including the Twisted Jester (complete with a barmy walk override), plus the Kings and Queens of Clubs and Diamonds. It’s time for you to up your game in your wardrobe!

The following are on sale this week:

- Energy Drain Resting

- Enhanced Potion Making

- Samurai Cooking

- Arcane Teleport

- Ring of Fire

- Masterwork Music Box

- Flower of Lletya

- Ozan Pack

- Zaros Pack

- Dragon Wolf

- Chameleon Extract (1)

- Icyenic Wings

- Firebrand Bow

- Cursed Reaver

- Deathless Regent Outfit


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  • Ettan

    Very satisfied

  • Latins

    Fast Delivery

  • James


  • BD

    Great service very quick, would recommend thank you

  • Anona

    Very good, used multiple times, always fast and never let down

  • Ae

    Great Service!

  • Raymond

    Very quick and very good service

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