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Runescape Achievements & New Paths

The epic (and not so epic) feats available in RuneScape are many, and today's update makes the road to adventuring glory clearer than it's ever been.

Enter our new Achievements System, which brings Tasks, Raid Feats and Completionist/Quest Cape requirements – and more - together in a slick new interface.

Pull up the Hero interface and click the Achievements tab to start exploring.
Choose your Path

You'll also notice a handy drop-down box in the Achievements tab entitled 'Path'.

this and choose the following goals to see a to-do list of everything you need to achieve it.

    New Adventurer: Recommended quests for a new player
    New Combatant: Recommended PvM content for a new player
    God Wars Dungeon via Trollheim Teleport: A route to GWD1 via Eadgar's Ruse
    God Wars Dungeon via God Wars Teleport: A route to GWD1 via The Mighty Fall
    Lunar Spellbook: Path to Lunar Diplomacy
    Ancient Spells: Path to Desert Treasure
    Ancient Curses: Path to The Temple at Senntisten
    The Elven City of Prifddinas: Path to Plague's End
    Bossing: Bosses in approximate order of difficulty

For new and seasoned adventurers alike, the path to that big in-game milestone will now be crystal clear.

Note that Gudrik's Path System for brand-new players exists separately, still within the Path tab of the Adventures interface. Some of the later parts have been moved to Achievements, however.
Future Feats

As well as being a tidy way to see existing Achievements, the new system is eminently extensible, and you can expect it to be updated regularly with new things to do – not least when Menaphos hits this summer.

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