Guthix's druids and New Combat Abilities in Runescape


  The events of The World Wakes have already made waves across Gielinor, and no-one has been more affected than Guthix's druids. Memstix and Runestax are spreading the word just outside Falador's north gate: extolling the teachings of their god and honouring his name.

  Speak to Memstix to pick up a three-piece cosmetic set of Guthix-themed gear, as well as an emote and an impressive override for two-handed swords: the Sword of Edicts (which, once obtained, can be displayed through the Customisation Interface). These free gifts are available immediately for free players and members.



Guthixian butterflies have also begun to manifest throughout the game world. Catching enough will unlock memories of Guthix himself, where all-new lore about Guthix's life as a mortal, his ascension to godhood, and his relationship with the goddess Seren will be revealed. Up to four memories can be apart anniversary day, and there are 15 in absolute - accumulate communicable those collywobbles if you wish to alleviate them all! Members will aswell get XP in their everyman accomplishment for anniversary butterfly they catch. You won't acquire XP or alleviate any added memories for communicable added than 20 collywobbles per day, though.

  Finally, Memstix and Runestax are building a tribute stone for Guthix just north of Falador. To pay your own tribute to Guthix, contribute a piece of rune essence to the stone. When you do so, you'll find out how many players have done the same thing. The stone will persist even when the event is over and - if at least 250,000 rune essence is added across the game worlds - the stone will act as a permanent prayer altar and small obelisk.

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