Guide about Solomons' General Store


  Greetings, adventurer.

  This week, I present to you an eclectic range of cosmetic items. These fine items are available permanently from my humble shop, and all are available as cosmetic overrides for the first time!

  The flaming skull will ensure that your face always lights up the room - in any of the four colours included in the purchase! An even more macabre look can be attained with the ghoulish scarecrow mask, and the turkey hat is unique in that it is both a hat that resembles a turkey, and a hat-wearing turkey.You'll aswell acquisition the abandoned acid bow and the absorbing assistant hairstyle lining the shelves of my store.

  Indulge in any of these fabulous items from my store and they'll be conveniently accessible through your Customisation Interface as cosmetic overrides - or as a premium hairstyle, in the latter case.

  Please do drop in at your earliest convenience. If you ambition to acquirement added RuneCoins, you can do so actuality or by beat 'Buy RuneCoins' central my abundance – and don't overlook that I action a 10% abatement to all members.