Gods and NPCs as You've Never Seen Them


  Ever gave a thought to what Evil Bob does when he's not plotting how to overtake the world? Or wondered how Zamorak spends the rest of his day after he's done with his evil deeds? General Graardor may want to smash your skull in the GWD, but when he's at home he may want to enjoy a cup of tea. The gods and their warriors appearance their austere faces in public, but let's see what they get up to if no one is around.

  This month we would like you to show us what do RuneScape NPCs and gods do when they put down their social masks. Maybe they just like to read a book, or go party in Falador. Maybe they all meet at Jagex HQ for a cup of coffee on their way home. Let your acuteness loose! Drawings, comics, sculptures, crafts... all kinds of beheld art are welcome.

  Deadline: 29th April 2013


  It's got to be your own work - no knock-offs, please!

  Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720 px

  Maximum size: 2 MB

  Accepted formats: .jpg, .png, .gif

  Email your entry  with your display name and title of your artwork

  New Prizes!


  RuneScape concept art print - signed by our artists

  Feedback from one of our RuneScape concept artists

  500 RuneCoins

  2 runners-up: 200 RuneCoins

  Whether it is a new idea for the next art contest, a afire catechism about art techniques or you just wish to say hi, you can do so on the forums or by tweeting with the hashtag #RSart!

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