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40 Atk / 70 Strength F2P Pking Pure - 50CB - No Email/Bans

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$ 22.54
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OSRS 40 Atk/70 Strength F2P Pking pure

Start pking right away with these 40/70/1 stats,

Great for starter f2p pking,

Account has no bans/email!


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  • Tr Komser

    Great service safe and fast, I recommend, probably the best site I've used

  • AnotherGamer

    nice +++

  • I Getto I

    Super helpful and fast delivery :)

  • System O_o

    4rsgold was soooo helpful, 100% legit

  • d$$

    Bought some gold on a whim, thinking I would get banned or scammed. Was actually surprised to get immediate help from customer service, who gave me direct instructions on to go and when. Within 5 minutes, I had my purchase in my bank account. Fast, Easy, No questions asked. 10/10 would recommend

  • Pinn3r

    Very quick service. Thank you!

  • Cassady

    Great Experience Always.Reliable And Safe.

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